Smart Shiba Token

The all new meme token set to take over the BSC. Tired of being rugged? It’s time to be SMART.


Staking, NFT, Gaming on the Blockchain for everyone

Be Smart with Smart Shiba

It’s a new year which means lots of new coins are dropping in the market. Shiba took over the market in 2021. So why not be smart and invest into SMART SHIBA as your first token for 2022.

Smart Shiba combines everyone’s favourite Meme-Coin with the lucrative and trending NFT and gaming sectors of the crypto market. Smart Shiba is inspired by huge Shiba Inu fans that want to put an end to the rugs and finally be SMART.

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You are safe with Smart Shiba.

It is time to introduce to everyone the huge potential of Smart Shiba and let it take over the BSC.

So what you are waiting for?

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Our Utilities

Soon you will be able to use our utilities


You might be asking yourself how can I increase my position without putting down more cash? The answer is Staking! We at Smart Shiba want to give our investors the opportunity to increase their positions by locking their tokens in the staking farm.


Ever since the beginning of 2021 the NFT market has been booming. Smart Shiba will not be left behind we have some great artwork which you will be able to mint on our website.


P2E games are what is ruling the Metaverse scene of the BSC at the moment. Smart Shiba will develop a game changing P2E game that will grasp the interest of all BSC Investors and blow their minds. By simply playing this smart game you can earn Smart Shiba tokens and increase your wallet balance in a fun and smart way.

Our Roadmap

Smart Shiba Token-Information

➡️ Сontrаct is SАFU, creаted bу anti rug sрeсiаlist
➡️ Doxxed Devs
➡️ Advanced contract featurеs suсh аs аnti honeуроt and anti sniper соding.
➡️ Сommunity: Bot frее, diamоnd hands, shiba lovers!
➡️ Aggrеssivе markеting befоrе, during, аnd aftеr LАUNСH.


8% Marketing / Treasury / Development
2% Liquidity
Rеcommеnded slipраgе: 12% minimum